Due to the present COVID – 19 Pandemic. I will be offering on-line tutorial services.

Courses Available:All Mathematics and Science courses at high school and CEGEP level.

These services can be individual or in small groups for a better price. Stay current with your studies. I will provide, in real time, full on-line lectures with additional activities to do at home.

Please Call or Text for additional information:

Nick: 514-688-6503


If parents and/or students wish to ask any information concerning CEGEP programs or which streams to enter please feel free to call or text:
Nick: 514-688-6503



Welcome to NTT Educational Services website.

I hope the last school year was successful and I wish all the best in your academic studies this year.

I will again be providing individual tutoring this year. Last year, some of the Ministry exams were difficult so it is important to stay on top of things. (Groups of 2-3 tutoring can be organized)

Keep your grades high in order to:
·        Advance into CEGEP of your choice and program
·        Enter the higher level of Math and Science courses in Secondary 4 and 5
·        Secondary 3 Math is an important year

Get a head start, pass your courses and avoid summer school.

I offer private individual tutoring to:
All High School level Math and Science courses
Secondary 1, 2 and 3 Math and Science;
Secondary 4 Math CST, TS, SN Math and ST, EST Science courses;
Secondary 5 Math CST, TS, SN and Chemistry and Physics

CEGEP Science courses:
Math: Pre-calculus, Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3, Linear Algebra, Statistics, Quantitative Methods
Chemistry: General Chemistry and Chemistry of Solutions
Physics: Mechanics; Waves, Optics and Modern Physics; Electricity and Magnetism

Some University courses: Differential Equations, Mathematics for commerce, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, first and some second year university Physics.

Call or Text Nick: 514-688-6503

Education and Experience is listed on the next page. Again service, quality and experience is definitely unsurpassed from all other services.

Mid-term crash courses for high school and CEGEP crash courses for Cal 1, Cal 2, Chemistry NYA, Chemistry NYB, Physics NYA, NYB, NYC will be offered before Christmas break upon request.

Final Exam Crash Courses will definitely be offered in May for CEGEP Math and Science courses

In June for all Secondary 3,4 and 5 Math and Science Courses

Quality and knowledge of course material is unsurpassed from ALL other services.
email: ntteducationalservices@yahoo.com