Language of Instruction:     English

(Students from Francophone high schools/CEGEPs with adequate knowledge of English will be able to attend with full comprehension of the course material)

Target Students:      Quebec High school students
                                        ALL Secondary 1,2 3, 4 and 5 Mathematics courses.
                                        ALL Secondary 4 Science courses (Regular and Advanced)
                                        ALL Secondary 5 Science courses (Chemistry and Physics)
                                        CEGEP Students
                                        All Mathematics (Cal 1, 2,3, linear algebra)
                                        All CEGEP Science courses (Chemistry, Physics, Biology)

Location of Instruction:    Laval (Ste. Dorothee)

Experience (by the numbers):

31Straight years I’ve been offering these tutorial services

17½years teaching experience as a CEGEP Chemistry Professor in two CEGEPs

13 years teaching experience teaching Physics, Chemistry, Physical Science, and All high school levels of Mathematics in Youth and Adult education

3 years working on project in analyzing new QEP Math and Science “reform” programs, funded by MELS and Quebec Entente.

4 years teaching Mathematics in summer school.

5 University Degrees, 4 in the Sciences, including a Master of Science degree in Chemistry

$ 3500 amount donated in the past six years 


Tutoring will begin mid-August, if you would like to reserve a tutoring spot please call me:

Call Nick: 514-688-6503

You can also contact me via e-mail: or
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